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Golf 7 GTI, Ford 2.0 ST EcoBoost, BMW 1.6T, 2.0T and 3.0T

For more detailed info please visit the suppliers of our premium line POWERBOX and PEDALBOX at www.chiptuning.com, www.pedalbox.co.za and


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Welcome to Diesel Torque


Diesel Torque Started out in 2004 after identifying the need in the market place for affordable quality Diesel ECU tuning products that really work.


Our products are developed and tested in German laboratories by engineers, who have been working on the optimization of diesel vehicles since 1996.


We are soon to release an exciting new product  , our Petrol PowerBox on the 1st April , so stay tuned for further developments or contact us for further details.



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About our Product - The Powerbox


The Powerbox is designed for quick and easy installation. Most of our Powerboxes are a simple plug and play installation using original adapter plugs. There are a few Powerboxes that are wire-in, a set of instructions is provided complete with diagrams that enable you to do this yourself, however, an auto electrician would be able to assist you should you require a hand.




Is it safe?

It is absolutely impossible to damage your vehicles electronics or ECU before, during or after installation because the Powerbox is 'downstream' of the ECU and remains in a 'slave' position. Your existing engine computer remains in 'master' control of all engine operational safety features at all times. The Powerbox cannot make any changes until the ECU has told it everything is safe and 'good to go'.




There is no way to short out or damage your ECU or electrical system during installation of a wire-in Powerbox. The Powerbox has been designed with engine safety as the primary concern at all times. It is simply impossible to damage something even if you connect up the wrong wires during a wire-in Powerbox installation. All that would happen in that case is the Powerbox will not function. Every Powerbox comes with detailed illustrated fitting instructions so it can be easily self installed. Alternately, any auto electrician or one of our distributors could easily install the Powerbox in around 10 - 40 minutes depending on vehicle type.




 How does it work?

Only the DT Powerbox can be laptop adjusted. If your vehicle is heavily modified beyond standard or has other unique characteristics then the DT Powerbox can be adjusted via laptop to your specific needs.




Unmatched Quality! Each DT Powerbox is assembled by hand. You can be sure you are receiving an automotive performance product that is the equivalent of a Swiss watch when you purchase a Powerbox. The all important programming is then performed so that the module and software is setup to our specific standards for the South African environment and fuel quality.




It's a simple fact. Every factory standard diesel engine is running below peak tune and efficiency. All diesel engines are ‘detuned’ by the manufacturers. In mass production it simply isn't economical to tune each engine to its best. Every EFI diesel vehicle can benefit from a Diesel Power Chip. The Powerbox can increase performance in any EFI diesel engine by up to 35%. Diesel vehicles, although more reliable and fuel efficient than petrol engines, are notoriously lacking in raw power.



If it's a 4WD, a lack of power and torque can be more noticeable when towing or in off-road conditions. Trucks will notice a lack of power when fully laden or climbing a hill. For boats, heavy seas can make a lack of power more noticeable. If you've fitted larger wheels or tyres you may feel some loss of power. The Powerbox has the answer to all these problems. As you read through the information on this website you'll begin to realise that, by fitting a Powerbox, your diesel can reach it's full potential for power and performance.



One particular advantage the Powerbox has is that it is installed 'down stream' of the ECU. This means that the electronic changes that it is making are downstream of the vehicles factory ECU, between the ECU and the injection pump in most instances. This helps prevent conflicts with the factory ECU signals.  Generally a Powerbox can be installed in around 30-60 minutes with the simplest being a matter of a few minutes. All are designed to be easily installed by people of average mechanical capability, or if you prefer, you can have it professionally installed at one of our distributors. If you wish to remove the Powerbox, for either transferring onto another vehicle or for any other reason, it is just as easy.


here to see how easy it is to install a Powerbox 

An immediate increase in both torque and power is obvious when you first fit your Powerbox. You will appreciate the improved throttle response and the increase in low and mid range torque. If you're towing a caravan or trailer or have some other heavy load you'll notice advantage the extra power provides. Overall driveability improves and with less need for gear changing your driving will be smoother and more efficient. This improved efficiency often results in fuel savings. In fact, in tests and trials we have performed, as well as reports from satisfied customers, benefits of approximately 10% better fuel economy have been achieved. This obviously varies from vehicle to vehicle and application. If you drive normally and you take full advantage of the power increase you'll realise the cost savings available through improved economy and performance.


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